C3 Brands is the umbrella company under which Monocle Press (2017), Mosaic Personnel Solutions (1998), Qubit Creative (2016) and Strata Leadership, LLC (2009) operate. The four companies are linked by a common commitment to elevating life through the intentional integration of the C3 Concept in all aspects of our business. 

The C3 Concept, which is the inspiration for the name C3 Brands, is a simple model that suggests that Character (C1) + Competency (C2) = Consistency (C3). Using a sports analogy, we consider consistency as the difference between a winning season and a winning program. Winning programs (consistency) emerge when there is an intentional focus on character (mental model) and competency (skills). Enhancing consistency requires the intentional focus on the beliefs (character) and skills (competency) of the organization. 

Monocle Press is a publishing house and speaker's bureau with business and leadership titles scheduled to release in early 2018. Monocle Youth is a division of Monocle Press devoted to books for young readers.


Mosaic Personnel is an Oklahoma City based recruiting firm that specializes in placing people of character and competence for careers in Accounting, Administrative, Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technologies, and Manufacturing. Our proven recruiters place great people in the right opportunities.


Qubit Creative works with companies to visually communicate their products and services in a powerful and memorable manner. We build long-term and trusting relationships with great people by providing reliable and timely service at a reasonable price.


Strata Leadership is comprised of several brands including:

• Academy of Sports and Character

• Character Core 

• Character First Education

• Institute for Emerging Leaders 

• Strata Center for Public Safety

• Strata Leadership (Assessments/Coaching/Training)

• WhistlePig Outfitters




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